Our Core

All Nations Church Oldham exists to host the presence of God and recognise that our primary aim is to ensure that we carry and house the presence of God by His Holy Spirit. We are a Church that corporately, as well as individually, are given to seeing a continual increase in the dynamic manifestation of God’s presence that is rooted in the foundation of His Word in the Bible.

Our Mission

From this basis, we are called to reach the community that we are in and demonstrate the joy, peace and life that Jesus wants everyone to experience. We want to show people that Jesus is not simply a name on a book, but a living person who loves them and wants them to know Him. In Jesus, there is no distinction of people or cultures. Therefore, we aim to be a place that people from any background or culture can come and experience the goodness of God in their own life.

Where It Matters

We also aim to help the community with practical issues that they are facing and are looking to increase the number of community projects that we are currently doing. We believe that the presence of Jesus through His Church should always make a positive difference in the way that a community lives.